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OMP experts can help you with any projects in the branch of immovable property and construction in any part of the country. Our firm’s projects include both purchase of cottages and engagement of money at the international capital markets as investments in immovable property and development, purchase and sale of the objects of immovable property.

Our brand card is a complex approach to the work with immovable property. We are familiar not only with legal, but also with administrative, tax, technical and commercial aspects of land allotment, construction and maintenance of the developed lands, including in the agricultural sector, where construction has its peculiarities.

Furthermore, our specialists assist in restructuring of debt funding, optimization of taxation and modification of project documentation. The emphasis is put on refinement of immovable property, legalization of unauthorized construction/reconstruction and resolving of other longstanding problems.

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Comprehensive legal and tax support of construction and development projects
Negotiating and legal support in transactions of real estate acquisition
Structuring of real estate transactions, including the with attraction financial facilities and non-resident companies
Legal due diligence of real property and construction projects
Advising on land leas agreements and for changing the purpose of land
Support in engagement of project funding and investments
Registration of the ownership on estate property
Mediation, property disputes, claim settlement, courts
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Kyrylo Levterov


Kyrylo Levterov provides professional consultations in projects, connected with acquisition and management of land assets, real estate units, construction, leasehold legal relationship and legal protection from raider attacks.

Yaroslav Sverdlichenko


Comprehensively advises and accompanies clients on mergers and acquisitions, including the largest agricultural holdings, banks and retail chains in Ukraine.

Mykola Chemezov

Mykola specializes on capital market transactions, constitutional law, land law, agricultural law, veterinary law, real estate law and labor law.

Yevhenii Klimushev

Senior Associate, Attorney-at-law

Olga Ovchinnikova

Associate, Attorney-in-law

Andrii Kachkovskyi

Senior Associate. Attorney-at-law

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