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Criminal Law and White-Collar Crimes

OMP’s attorneys are equipped with a full range of legal tools that will ensure the effective representation of the clients’ interests in criminal and anti-corruption cases, of a wide spectrum of white-collar crimes, including criminal mismanagement, stealing and misappropriation of property of particularly large sums of money, etc.
We are familiar with niceties of conduction of the criminal cases investigation by legal authorities and, according to them, have developed and provide a whole range of advocation for the clients on their accompaniment at all stages of the judicial process – from development of legal position to representation of the interests in the courts of all instances.
OMP has substantial successful experience of handling of difficult resonance judicial cases on protection of the interests both of the private persons and business-structures against National Police, National Agency for Preventing Corruption, National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, SAP, National Security Agency, Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, State Fiscal Service.
Among the most widespread cases of the company, there are representation of the interests of our clients in the sphere of business activity (commercial and white-collar crimes, crimes against property, evasion of the payment of taxes and in other commercial crimes), as well as in sphere of property rights should be mentioned.

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Main services of Criminal Law practice:

legal advice on a criminal case, legal analysis of the situation
development of legal position, tactics and strategy of protection in a criminal case.
full services on preparation and proceedings of the procedural documents
collection of argumentative basis on a criminal case, filing the lawyer's requests on obtaining of arguments
complex accompaniment during pre-trial investigations and trial hearing of a criminal case
complex accompaniment and protection of the client’s interests during conduction of search and other investigative and procedural activities by law authorities
protection of the rights and interests in a criminal case as a witness, a victim, a suspect, a defendant, a representative of the legal entity
representation of the interests in the judicial processes on economical, criminal and white-collar crimes at National Police, National Agency for Preventing Corruption, National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, SAP, National Security Agency, Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, State Fiscal Service, Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine
complex support and protection of client interests at the courts of all instances, including hearing of cases at Supreme Court of Ukraine and Supreme Anti-Corruption Court.
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Valeriy Bitsiuk


He has a 12-year experience of work as an attorney-in-law.
Valeriy Bitsyuk provides legal support for a number of international and Ukrainian companies and their public officers in connection with their representation in the government authorities of Ukraine and in the Ukrainian courts.

Yevhenii Klimushev

Senior Associate, Attorney-in-law

Mykhailo Hurskii

Counsel, Attorney-in-law

Fields of specialization: court proceedings, corporate law, labour law, family law. Experience-over 20 years.

Ihor Nesterenko

Assistant attorney