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Litigation, Dispute Resolution and Mediation

For over 10 years the experienced team of attorneys and lawyers of OMP has provided a legal assistance for many international and Ukrainian companies, their officials, in connection with representation of their interests in state authorities and Ukrainian courts.

We ensure a full range of legal services on resolution of the disputes, encompassing development of a strategy of advocacy and legal position, collection and preparation of needed evidence, preparation of procedural documents and representation in the courts of all instances. We always distinguish the strategies and solutions with different stages of risk development of future disputes.

We have substantial experience in conducting difficult court proceedings against AMCU, SFSU as well as anti-corruption authorities. We really estimate winning chances in disputes and do not give vain promises. Our attorneys successfully represent the clients’ interests in pretrial disputes regulation – mediation. We specialize on processing of problem situations and ensuring of their non-repetition. Our aim in disputes is to resolve them before trial and economize clients’ time and money. We can and are ready to negotiate with fiscal and law-enforcement authorities and look for compromise decisions.

Within dispute resolution in arbitration authorities (GAFTA, FOSFA, LMAA, LCIA ICC, ICAC at the Ukrainian CCI) we provide full complex of the services – from initiation of arbitration investigation to performance of arbitration decisions in different countries of the world. In commodities arbitration courts (GAFTA, FOSFA) we have successful experience of representation of the clients’ interests in numerous disputes both on the hand of producers/sellers and customers.

Another focus of our practice is imposition of provisional measures in the form of obtain conservative seizure of assets, accounts and immovable property of opponents.

Owing to considerable practice and developed system of partner relations, OMP’s lawyers have significant experience of admission and performance of trial and arbitration decisions in Ukraine, England, France and Germany.

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Our services include, but not limited to

tax and other administrative disputes
accompaniment during auditing of AMCU, SFSU and appeal of the results of audits in administrative and justiciable dispute
advice on different legal issues (including preparation of legal conclusions)
comprehensive litigation support to the client's’ interests
representation of clients' interests in prosecuting authorities, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine, customs and border authorities
accompaniment in disputes on indebtedness collection
complex support in contractual and property disputes
representation of the clients’ interests in privatization disputes, rehabilitation and bankruptcy
protection of the intellectual property rights
representation of the interests in cases in the sphere of real estate and construction
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Mykola Orlov

Managing partner, Attorney-at-Law

For over 12 years Mykola has been supervising work on the major international projects. He has been involved in the structuring of several international groups including enforcement of both Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian antimonopoly and anticorruption legislation.

Valeriy Bitsiuk


He has a 12-year experience of work as an attorney-in-law.
Valeriy Bitsyuk provides legal support for a number of international and Ukrainian companies and their public officers in connection with their representation in the government authorities of Ukraine and in the Ukrainian courts.

Maryna Chervenkova

Senior Lawyer, Mediator, Ph.D.
Implements client projects on corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, protection of intellectual property of corporations, compliance with legislation on personal data protection, GDPR.

Sergii Shepeliak

Senior Associate

Yevhenii Klimushev

Senior Associate, Attorney-in-law

Igor Galytskyi

Senior Associate, Advocate, PhD
Focuses on the adjudication of disputes in civil, commercial and labor branches. Conducts legal audit and counselling on intellectual property rights, concluding foreign trade, supply, marketing, ets.

Olga Ovchinnikova

Associate, Attorney-in-law

Anna Dragomyretska

Counsel, Attorney-at-law

Mykhailo Hurskii

Counsel, Attorney-in-law

Fields of specialization: court proceedings, corporate law, labour law, family law. Experience-over 20 years.

Ihor Nesterenko

Assistant attorney