Proposals of supporting in land dealsDear ladies and gentlemen!

The land market opens on the 1st of July.

It is new opportunities, both for profitable investment and for rethinking and building an updated management structure for your business in accordance with the new realities of the market.

Experts of the Law offices of OMP, professing a comprehensive approach to service agribusiness, offer you a powerful educational, legal and management tools specifically designed for business needs in the opening of the land market.



EDUCATIONAL – A. Training (seminar) for owners and top managers of agricultural companies.

The purpose of the training is to form the necessary set of knowledge for making strategic decisions on the acquisition or lease of agricultural land and the selection of appropriate tools in terms of the land market opening.

EDUCATIONAL – B. Training for heads of security services and land departments of agricultural companies.

Depending on the wishes of the customer, the programme can be expanded to cover specific issues of legal and land service (department) of the customer.

The purpose of the training is to gain knowledge and practical skills necessary to implement the strategy of the agricultural company to purchase or lease of agricultural land in the opening of the land market (in particular, building work on mass registration of land acquisition by nominal owners, forming of tactics in each locality, analysis of competitors’ actions and work on anticipation, prevention of unfriendly actions).



  • Consultation on structuring the acquisition of land plots using both nominal owners and independent investors, including the choice of mechanisms to protect the interests of the agricultural company.
  • Development of a standard set of documents for mass acquisition of land in accordance with the wishes of each agricultural company (in particular, renewal of the lease agreement, waiver of the preemptive right, necessary powers of attorney, mortgage agreements, etc.).
  • Formation (realization) of the structure necessary for mass acquisition of land plots.



  • Survey of residents of the locality on expectations for land sale, available proposals of competitors, etc. (hereinafter – Intelligence).
  • Study of the array of lease agreements of the agricultural company for the risks associated with the introduction of the land market.
  • Comprehensive study of the land bank of the agricultural company with the offer of tools and means of redemption of land plots in the processing of the customer.
  • Comprehensive study of the land bank of competitors with a proposal of possible tools and means of redemption by the agricultural company and other. (More information is provided on request)



Option I – Accompaniment with the departure of our lawyer

Option II – Comprehensive subscriber support

Option III – Remote support



Partners of Law offices of OMP have created a convenient and reasonable land accounting system for agricultural enterprises – NASHE POLE

Main advantages:

  • Convenient procedure for entering data into the register of agreements;
  • Simple procedure for introducing changes to the terms of agreements and the status of the agreement;
  • Simultaneous display of land plots on the Cadastral map with display of data of each land plot;
  • Detailed statistics of the whole land;
  • Protection of land databases and prevention of destruction of such data;
  • Proven system that has proven itself in the market over the years.

Proposals of supporting in land deals

As usual, our specialists are distinguished by a balanced approach, maximum practicality and openness!

We dispel myths and give only realistic assessment of the situation with full responsibility for our words. Moreover, our proposals are based on practice and peculiarities of agribusiness support in all regions of Ukraine over the past twenty years.

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