Pharmacy marketing does not give up!

Pharmacy marketing does not give up!

The team of the tax practice of the Law Offices of OMP has successfully defended interests of a large pharmaceutical company with foreign capital and achieved the annulment of tax notifications-decisions at the pre-trial appeal stage.

The tax dispute arose as a result of an unscheduled on-site inspection of the legality of the client’s formation of a tax credit in connection with the purchase of marketing services.

The position of the tax authority was that marketing services purchased by the client were not used in economic activity, since the sale of goods was carried out for the benefit of distributors, and not pharmacy chains as providers of marketing services.

However, experts of the Law Offices of “OMP” managed to provide the State Tax Service of Ukraine with convincing arguments regarding groundlessness of the conclusions of the tax authority, which resulted in the cancellation of additional tax assessments.

The project was led by Mykola Orlov, managing partner of Law Offices of OMP, together with Andriy Kachkovskyi, senior associate of Law Offices of OMP.