Law Offices of OMP - Partners Ukrainian Pharma & Digital Forum

20 hours of educational content about digital marketing for pharm:
UPDF will last in Ukraine for a week.

The marathon is already on air! From 28.09 the traditional, largest in number of speakers and educational content event for pharmaceutical business managers UPDF – Ukrainian Pharma & Digital Forum (Forum).

The main goal of UPDF is to provide the management of pharmaceutical companies with the knowledge necessary for more effective work to reduce the risks of unethical competition and corruption in the field of “digital marketing”.

UPDF speakers will be specialists in the field of advertising and marketing, representatives of companies: Fedoriv Agency, isdgroup, Viseven, Postman, Kantar, Proxima Research, Horizon Capital, HASHTAG,, adventa.mullenlowe, Medstar, 1 + 1 Digital, OMP, MAGZ , Pharmacy 9-1-1, Helsi, MixDigital, RAZOM GROUP, Beehiveor, Johnson & Johnson, Ukraine, Liki24 and others.

The UPDF 2021 program will include 10 online educational events:

  • 5 thematic webinars;
  • 2 master classes;
  • 1 conference and 2 round tables, which will be attended by representatives of industry communities and major market players.

The content of the Forum will be divided into 3 parts: marketing for the patient, marketing for the pharmacist and marketing for the doctor and each representative of the pharmaceutical industry will be able to choose a comfortable, educational mode of perception of information because online format of the Forum allows to view recorded reports, slides and graphics in a convenient moment for the user.