To kill a ferocious beast or
STAVE OFF default in agrobusiness!

We minimize risks, prevent sanctions and forfeits for producers of agricultural goods.

Crop losses due to drought and other unfavorable agricultural factors are outrageous this year.

Depending on the region, certain percentage of farms are not able to make deliveries under forward contracts. Forward contracts often contain burdensome conditions for the manufacturer. Sanctions and forfeits in contracts that occur in the market can be called only as “ferocious”.

The OMP team has a unique experience in settling disputes with creditors (banks and finance, traders, equipment suppliers, etc.).

Our achievements are:

  • successful negotiations with 19 creditor banks of the agricultural holding: preserved assets of shareholders that are worth more than 30 million US dollars;
  • protection of the interests of depositors of goods in the framework of enforcement proceedings in connection with the incomplete performance of harvest contracts, the total amount of more than 10 million US dollars; and
  • case management in GAFTA arbitration;

There are not two same cases. There is same experience.

We are happy to use all our experience in the interests of your farm.

Our goal is to reduce the supplier’s losses due to the inability to make a delivery!

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Analysis of contracts and strategy development depending on the ability to deliver;

Negotiating with a trader (buyer) to achieve acceptable conditions (mediation);

Supply restructuring;

Preparation for a possible default situation, including contracts concluded in accordance with GAFTA / FOSFA rules; and

Protection of agricultural producers' assets.