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Investing in
foreign shares and
other assets
outside Ukraine

Compilation of investment portfolio.
Economic and legal aspects

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We invite you to take part in the author’s expert seminar:

Investing in foreign shares and other assets outside Ukraine

Creating an investment portfolio.
Economic and legal aspects.

The purpose of the seminar

  • To understand asset classes for investing. Using a practical example, to compile an investment portfolio at the level of “asset classes”, calculation of growth rate of assets and compile a mathematical model for achieving financial goals.
  • To identify the current macroeconomic cycle to understand when to hedge your investment assets.
  • To understand how to select shares for the equity part of the investment portfolio.
  • To determine how to select ETF funds that invest in shares of companies from different countries.
  • To understand, on practical examples, the principles of selection of cryptocurrency assets.


Block 1. Financial planning. Principles of compiling an individual investment portfolio.

◻️ In this part of the seminar, we will focus on the main "anchors" that are the basis for building an investment plan, will also make a macroeconomic analysis of the current situation and determine the macroeconomic cycle. The whole analysis will take place in a template file.

Block 2. Filling the investment portfolio. Equity assets. Company shares. Investment funds. Bonds.

◻️ In continuation of the workshop, we will select individual shares of companies in the US and European markets
Also, it will be shown how to select ETF funds
A practical example will show how to select different types of bonds, what criteria to pay attention to when selecting and how to create an immunized investment portfolio of bonds.

Block 3. Alternative investments

◻️ Cryptocurrency assets
• Purpose: to show the principles of selection of cryptocurrency assets on a practical example.
• Creating a long-term investment portfolio of "infrastructure" crypto projects
• Principles and examples of speculative cryptocurrency trading

◻️ Precious metals
• Objective: to show on a practical example how to invest in precious metals using investment funds or the purchase of physical precious metals.

Block 4. Legal and tax aspects of investment by residents of Ukraine in foreign assets.

◻️ Legal aspects of opening a brokerage account with a foreign broker. Withdrawal of money for investing abroad

◻️ Return on investment income:to accounts in Ukraine
to accounts abroad.

◻️ Taxation of profits from stock trading

◻️ Taxation of dividends received when investing in shares on foreign exchanges

◻️ Peculiarities of taxation when investing in special types of shares (foreign real estate funds, foreign gas companies, etc.).

Possible additional questions (not included in the standard seminar plan)

Practical aspects of options trading in US markets

◻️ Algorithmic funds• Purpose: to show the principles and models of selection of algorithmic funds and add from the portfolio (on a practical example)

◻️ Private funds

• Objective: to select several investment funds that invest in different businesses, as well as to analyse several private businesses that are currently attracting funding (practical example).

◻️ Residential and commercial real estate

• Purpose: to calculate the investment attractiveness of several real estate objects and to add/not to add them to the investment portfolio.

investments experts foreign stocks

Yaroslav Sverdlichenko

Partner, Attorney-at-Law. Head of the practice of corporate law, mergers and acquisitions.

Mikhail Patsan

Asset manager, investor, businessman.
Chief Investment Officer Treeum
Co-founder of WOTAN